Elitist Protest Against Elitism

Privately educated elitist Trenton Oldfield (Who TF calls their kid Trenton except an elitist?) has been identified as the knobhead who stopped the university boat race by swimming in front of the boats yesterday.

Trenton claimed he was protesting against elitism. He said he sees himself as a latter day equivalent of the suffragetter who threw herself in front of the King’s horse in The Derby back in that early 20th century.

Not a good comparison, the suffragettes were trying to get voting rights for half the population, Trenton was trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame.

And of course the suffragette died, Trenton didn’t. You may say this was the most unfortunate thing about the incident, we could not possibly comment.

Lord Snooty And His Pals begin Their Conference

12 thoughts on “Elitist Protest Against Elitism

  1. For some reason, I always forget the boat race is on. Yes, actually folks, I went to Oxford for a year, and I think probably the only better place to be educated would be Cambridge.

    But doesn’t it get tiresome being called an elitist, you may ask? Yes my dears, frankly, it does.

    Lots of perfectly decent people, go to Oxford and Cambridge, we have only to think of the Pythons, and errrrm, me.

    I am well aware that the elitist botty-pokers in the Tory party went there as well, bur GIVE ME A BLOODY BREAK IAN!


    • Actually I didn’t know he went to Oxford until you told me. I’ve met plenty of people who went to Oxford and weren’t elitists.

      And as for botty pokers, isn’t that what Cambridge is famous for?

      SoI could not have been saying he was an elitist because he went to Oxford. It was the private education and the fact that he’s called Trenton that clinched it for me. But mostly the fact that he’s called Trenton.


      • Being called Trenton is indeed inexcusable.

        I was calling the Tories botty-pokers, but was unclear about it. Anyway, I was clearly not sober, and wish to withdraw two things I may have not intended, but won’t say which, and sneakily change the meaning of something you are about to say, which is impossible.

        And I invoke Schrödinger’s cat, and move a fleet to London. I seem not to be any good at Diplomacy…


    • OK but … even idiots should have the common sense to know what happens to people who swim in the River Thames.

      David Walliams still shits through the eye of a needle I hear.


  2. Nephew’s quite keen on rowing, does it for his university doncha know.

    Out for lunch with him on Sunday and he was very indignantly entertaining on what should have happened when Sir Matthew Pinsett realised the “debris” in the water had an arm and a leg. Funnily enough it didn’t involve the race being stopped or poor old Trenton – you don’t suppose he also chases deer in Richmond Park do you? – being hauled out of the water in one piece.

    Still, maybe he’ll get Weil’s disease….


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