Irish Church Crisis Over Cardinal’s Detatchment From Reality

Political leaders in Belfast and Dublin have strongly criticised the head of Ireland’s Catholic Church for his refusal to resign over a paedophile priest scandal.

In a way I feel sorry for the guy. He’s never been the same since Father Ted kicked him up the arse. See it again on You Tube

5 thoughts on “Irish Church Crisis Over Cardinal’s Detatchment From Reality

  1. Ian,

    It all beggars belief, I am so angry about this that I can’t even be bothered to login. How can a priest who was asked to investigate “Child abuse claims” who then discovered ABUSE, just say well I repoted it to my SENIORS!

    “Its not my fault that they failed to act”

    I am Gobsmacked that the Irish Church indeed the whole Catholic Church have any social credibillity!


    and a vehicle for all forms of abuse!


    • I agree with you but I gave up talking about it. The fear (of nothing) is too deeply embedded in peoples’ minds.

      Best thing to do is let the religionists see we have more fun and get more sex than them.


    • Yep, even my wife’s friend’s parish priest Father Dave could be said to be getting it with the wrong people. Before landing here he had to move parishes several times because of complain’t from some of his lady parishoners’ husbands.

      But what else can a red blooded man do when his job description proscribes natural urges.


  2. Whats wrong with people to cling to religion?
    Get rid of the obsession of thinking your saved. You are in fact being held hostage by a lot of devils in sheeps clothing. In my old age I’ve dumped religion and now can enjoy inner space and freedom.


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