RyanAir or Mastercard?

Mybe it’s because I’m flying out to Dublin for a few days on Sunday, but when I saw H&M advertizing bikini by featuring a lithesome young gel in a skimpy two piece with “bikini top £3.99” to the side of her left breast, it didn’t make me want to go out and buy one, it made me wonder just how much the unpriced bikini bottom was… a bit like those RyanAir ads that say “Fly to Spain for just £1!!!” and then when you take up their offer you discover it costs £897.99 to fly home again.

Either that or it was a Mastercard ad

Bikini top £3.99

Bikini bottom priceless

for everything else there’s Mastercard

5 thoughts on “RyanAir or Mastercard?

  1. Perhaps H & M are pulling another Ryanair scam. Buy the bikini top for £3.99 amd the bikini bottom is free … but it costs you a pound every time you go to the toilet.


  2. ha,ha good one!

    I wouldn’t pay £3-99 if it was for the whole bikini, mainly because it would be a crime for me to wear one—-it must surely be illegal to display as many rolls of flesh as i have in public [or in private come to that!]

    And talking of a £1 to go to the toilet i recall many years ago having to pay this in a certain large store in London, who shall reamain nameless except to say it’s name begins with an ‘H’. I was amazed and felt sure that i must at least own shares in the company after i’d ‘passed water’ as it were!


    • Whilst leaning on the railings of the Ha’penny bridge studying the sedate Liffey, husband commented that should I fall in Dublin would be able to claim it’s own “Loch Ness” monster.
      To which I replied that at least they wouldn’t need to visit the local tip for tyres as I come with plenty of my own at the moment:)


  3. Good weekend was it. Happy silver BTW. Would hasve sent a card but shortly after DOM reminding us I was dragged off to oss piddle by overzealous paramedics and detained against my will my over cautious junor doctors.

    I’m not over the trauma of 3 days in NHS care yet.


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