In the future your f*** – buddy will be a Robot.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a report last week which claims that in the not too distant future not only will sex robots eliminate real women in the sex industry but buying a robot fuck – buddy will also be a good way for nerds to find love.

Although the idea of animatronic prostitutes has been around since The Stepford Wives first screened the technology to create a simulated human for purposes of sexual gratification and companionship is stepping up as scientists get more fanatical in their efforts to completely dehumanise us.

The author of the sex robot article posits the benefits of such a creation, namely providing guilt-free sexual encounters and preventing diseases like herpes all the way up to HIV. That’s as may be but what is life without risk. And what red blooded man would want to boff a dead eyed, unthinking automation. The nature of the people who are enthusdiastic about sex robots becomes obvious when you consider there is never any talk of shagdroids that ladies can avail themselves of.

sex robotDon’t fancy yours – a sex robot

This particular field of human endeavour is the preserve of pointy eared tech heads with personal hygiene issues and dysfunctional personalities.

The editorial piece in the Sydney Morning Herald takes the theme one step further and makes the claim that a sex robot will one day ensure everyone will find the perfect mate.

What’s the basis for this idea?

According to SMH, “Many of our social interactions have been reduced to the barebones transfer of information via various online media: text messages, emails, shared videos and pictures, status updates, and, (no kidding) , pokes.”

Many people in advanced societies are already finding their social lives degraded social because conversation is being relegated short, impersonal exchanges in the void of cyberspace. If this trend continues future generation will all be nerds spending their lives in isolation, hunched over a computer.

In such a situation the needs of people who have little interest in more meaningful, stimulating and old-fashioned personal relationships will be answered perfectly by androids designed and programmed to be constantly ready for sex yet totally passive at other times.

That makes it a scary future but Boggart Blog has a better solution. We simply have to gather all the nerds together and KILL THEM.

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11 thoughts on “In the future your f*** – buddy will be a Robot.

  1. My Chinese friend asked me to comment: Dear Mr Thope, wish to buy sex robot from you as I am lonely. Can order now. I technician in computer factory. I no wife as fliend say I nerd. Robot must cook, clean and look after chicken. Robot good in bed ha? Extra bonus. Also, robot must love me and cay for me for when I in pain or upset. God love you fo robot.
    Hing San


    • I hear there is a shiortage of women in China because of the one child policy and certain cultural issues that the politically correct thought police do not allow us to mention. So the sex robot could solve their problems and avert a war.

      On the oher hand when those Chisese guys see Michelle Keegan from Coronation Street (the hottest woman on tele I’m told although I prefer someone a little more mature) are they going to be satisfied with a machine.


  2. Unbelieveable! sex robots whatever next. Of course there will be men out there who say they already have one at home—–and it’s called a wife :))

    We’ve all heard about the women who just lay there and think of England or count the cracks in the celing during sex. But i guess if these robot tarts can be programmed to do anything the owner wants then they’re bound to take off—-no pun intended!

    I demand a male version though, a young, fit, six packed, well hung one will do me. At least he wouldn’t notice or comment about my wrinkles or rolls of fat and i could safely get away without shaving my legs for weeks :))


    • There’s an old joke about a tourist who found a young lady lying dead on an Italian beach. Calling to a local who was putting deck chairs out he said, “Stay here with her while I go for the police.”

      When he returmed the Italian was m,aking love to the girl.

      Outraged the tourist said, “What are you doing, don’t you know that girl is dead?”

      “Oh sorry,” said the Italian, “I though she was English.”

      I predict a lot of variations on that.

      You’ll be lucky to get a male version anytime soon, the people who will be building these things are more likely to programme them to solve equations raher than be studs.


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