Golden Orwell Award: UN Says Food Is A Human Right

Canada is know a one of the most stupid politically correct nations on Earth, more politically correct in fact than Sweden. After passing a same sex marriage law a few years ago the Canadian bureaucracy has banished perfectly good old fashioned terms like husband and wife to the dustbin of history to be replaced by the “inclusive” but impersonal and sterile “spouse.” Also gone are son and daughter, uncle, aunt, grandad and grandma and most ridiculously mother and father.

Under the Canadian system those of us who have kids would be reduced to “parent 1” and “parent 2”.

But even that level of idiocy is not enough for the United Nations.

The U. N. Human Rights Council has just launched a broadside against, Canada’s flagrant violation of human rights, particularly the right to food. In the pompously titled ‘Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food,’ Olivier De Schutter, has accused the Canadians of unacceptable “rates of food insecurity,” and has demanded that the federal government in Ottawa to adopt “a national right to food strategy.”

Mr De Schutter is a prominent fuckwit bureacrat who recently published an article in The Guardian calling for the establishment of supranational “human rights courts” to address climate change. Yes, you read that right, this cupid stunt thinks climate change is violating your human rights.

In a press release issued yesterday, the dictatorial De Schutter, an expert on European Union law :)), declared in the best traditions of Orwellian newspeak:

Canada has long been seen as a land of plenty. Yet today one in ten families with a child under six is unable to meet their daily food needs. These rates of food insecurity are unacceptable, and it is time for Canada to adopt a national ‘right to food’ strategy.

WTF? Food insecurity? Is he suggesting a lot of Canadians have a panic attack when thy have to think about going down the supermarket and buying some scran?

Well as if that was not stupid enough he went on:

What I’ve seen in Canada is a system that presents barriers for the poor to access nutritious diets and that tolerates increased inequalities between rich and poor, and Aboriginal non-Aboriginal peoples. Canada is much admired for its achievements in the area of human rights, which it has championed for many years. But hunger and access to adequate diets, too, are human rights issues — and here much remains to be done.

A large number of Canadians are too poor to afford adequate diets. “800,000 households are food insecure in Canada. This is a country that is rich, but that fails to adapt the levels of social assistance benefits and its minimum wage to the rising costs of basic necessities, including food and housing. Food banks that depend on charity are not a solution: they are a symptom of failing social safety nets that the Government must address.

Ah, so what De Schutter means is that if DHWFs* in Canada are regularly sitting down to salmon, filet steak, pate de fois gras sarnies and a glass of fine wine to wash it down then if theslackers, no marks, weasters, dickheads, drunks, druggies and incompetents are not given the same it is a violation of their human rights. He subsequently criticised the Canadian government for levels of obesity in the country:

More than one in four Canadian adults are obese, and almost two thirds of the population is overweight or obese, costing at least 5 billion Canadian dollars annually in health care costs and in lost productivity. “This is also a result of poverty: adequate diets have become too expensive for poor Canadians, and it is precisely these people who have to pay the most when they live in food deserts and depend on convenience stores that charge higher prices than the main retailers.

So again we see the authoritarianism of the New World Order. You will soon no longer have the right live on porridge and lentil soup and spend all your money on rare stamps, not will you be able to pig out on pizzas, burgers, pies and mars bars rather than eating cabbage, beetroot smoothies and tofu. By having an unhealthy lifestyle you are violating your own human rights and the government will have to send the politically correct thought police round to sort you out.

In Canada Stephen Harper’s Conservative administration has rightly blasted the UN report, as well as UN interference in the sovereign affairs of one of the world’s leading democracies.

Boggart Blog is proud to award the maximum five Golden Orwells to Olivier De Schutter for his services to pseudo – liberal crypto – Naziism.

DHWFs = Decent hard – working folks


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Golden Orwell Award: UN Says Food Is A Human Right

7 thoughts on “Golden Orwell Award: UN Says Food Is A Human Right

  1. Not to be an awkward so and so again (but I think I’m going to be anyway) but I have some pals on Facebook with Canadian Aboriginal backgrounds and connections. I can’t remember the exact details (as I tried to blot it out at the time in a rather middle class cowardly way to try and pretend the world was all butterflies and rainbows) but there were a few posts over the winter about how Inuits and other native Canadians were living in horrendously poverty stricken circumstances.

    I think they were in sort of reservations and damp and mould were growing inside their living quarters which were shanty type structures with no running water or electricity. They were also starving and children were dying from malnutrition and chronic health conditions caused by their living arrangements.

    I remember being astonished a rich country like Canada could have such a thing going on and wondering why it wasn’t more known about.

    I will go and see if I can find out who among my friends it was and see if I can find the link again.

    But those people could do with somebody asserting their rights to food and shelter and warmth in the Candian cold.


    • Do you know these facebook friends are even real people let alone real Canadians.

      Mould growing on the walls, damp, no heating or water? Sounds like they are living in council flats in south London.

      Native people living in tribal societies in Canada, Greenland, South West USA and Alaska are well known for being idle, drunken, uncopperative buggers who are highly skilled at exploiting their victim status. Too many guilt addicted Euro-Americans are willing to fall for it. Sorry but I saw the documentary.

      Did you see Billy Connolly with the Inuit. They were quite happy living as their ancestors always had. That’s they way they like it.

      These people want all the advantages of living in a prosperous nation but are prepared to change nothing about their way of life. So like the scumbags on sink estates in Accrington who have been rehoused and just trashed the new houses, went right back to living like pigs and immediately started complaining again, we must assume that’s how these people want to live and let them get on with it.

      Sorry but I don’t do political correctness. Do I look naive?


      • Housing crisis

        Shannen’s Dream –

        Blog from a member of the community –

        Newspaper article –

        Here you go Ian. Yes I know they are real. It is a complicated situation. All I know is that I wouldn’t like to keep quiet about what I know about. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I did so. It isn’t about political correctness it is about humanity.


      • Michelle,

        Thanks for those links, some good scams there if I ever need to raise a few quid. There are so many people out there who will always fall for a sob story.

        About 25 years ago we all dug into our pockets because there was a famine in Africa. We raised £millions. A quarter of a century on there is still a famine in Africa. Plus a lot of human rights abuses, genccidal inter – tribal wars etc. There is starvation all over south east Asia and south America, In the former soviet republics there is hunger, oppression and housing conditions are hopeless.

        I hope you have deep pockets because if we are talking about being fair and helping those in need there are a hell of a lot of people need a lot of help and not many of us capable of helping.

        And what about the people who are homeless and starving in Greece? Or the citizens of the good ol’ US of A living in Obamaville shanty towns and claiming food stamps. Ever read The Grapes of Wrath.

        They’re all complcated situations.

        What I though about the story I blogged today was that this bleeding heart do – gooder is confusing poverty with human rights abuses. But then his snout is in the very deep trough labelled “Human rights industry”

        The thing about the United Nations getting involved is the money is then not donated voluntarily, it is taken from our taxes. And of course 90% of it is spent on jollies, sorry fact finding missions, for UN bureaucrats.


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