Three Beers A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

This is the best newes we’ve ever had in the ongoing battle against the bansturbators. In spite of all those panicmongering warnings from “scientists about how if we so mush as looked at a bottle of beer, even if it still had the top on, we would die instantly or at least bloat up into a 30 stone blob and develop liver disease.

Well it’s not true. Some proper scientists in Scandinavia and Spain have published a report showing that it is not only wine that is good for us, up to three beers a day benefits health too. What’s more beer is full of vitamins and essential nutrients and so counts as one of your five – a – day (that will piss off Nanny State’s scientists 😀 )

Here’s a little peep at the report:

Middle-aged and elderly people can now swap their daily glass of red wine with a cold beer without worrying about their health.
By: Jeppe Wojcik.
Some studies indicate that wine drinkers are healthier than beer drinkers. However, this may well be connected to the healthy lifestyle of wine drinkers, rather than the health benefits of the alcohol itself. Beer drinkers have a greater tendency to smoke and to eat unhealthy food. (Photo: Colourbox)Beer makes you fat and unhealthy.

That’s a common conception of the golden drops of hoppy goodness.

However, new research indicates that this is not actually the case – good health just might be hidden at the bottom of a beer glass.

Contrary to the common view, beer has lots of health benefits that make it at least as healthy as wine when it’s consumed in small amounts. Moderate consumption can mean as much as three glasses a day, when paired with a healthy diet.

Along with its many other virtues, beer can help prevent cardio vascular disease, diabetes and …

Why not read this great news for yourself at

And as you enjoy your next guilt free beer remember it was Boggart Blog what liberated you.

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8 thoughts on “Three Beers A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

  1. Yesh, at lasht shome good newsh…

    I’m really looking forward to the next bit of science, where they announce that if you were in the Bullingdon Club you will die in the next twenty minutes.


    • That’s unscientific wishful thinking unless you own a gun and can evade the security surrounding Dave, Gideon and Boris. If you can do that all the science says aim for the head.


  2. Oh i can’t bear it, does this mean i now have to start drinking 3 beers a day? 3 pints of the vile brew that many men seem to pour down their necks with much abandon?

    Tell me i don’t have to please, as i want to carry on being my usual teetotal, non smoking self whose main vice in life is chocolate! Now that’s a thought i wonder if 3 pints of hot chocolate a day will do me any good——i’ll get onto the research of it right away!


    • No, you don’t have to drink three beers a day, nor even a glass of red wine. In fact it is not true that we have to drink two litres of water a day.

      But at last we have an answer to those interfering busybodies and agents of Nanny State who tell us we will die instantly if we even think about beer, wine or chocolate.


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