What Planet Do They Live On

I used to think it was only politicians and scientists who had never set foot on planet Reality but alas it seems our athletics establishment are also members of an alien species.

One particular blabbermouth has outed the rest as a bunch of shape shifting lizard – men by citicising our leading female athelete, Olympic gold medal hope and general hottie Jessica Ennis for being overweight.

Jessica’s heptathlon team-mate Louise Hazel was also told she was overweight. Take a look at the picture below. As you will see these highly toned young women do not have a gramme of spare flesh between them.

Jessica Ennis (left) and Lousie Hazel. Overweight? I think not.

Ennis’s coach Tony Minichello claimed that an unnamed “high-ranking person” within UK Athletics had described the World No 2 as fat. Hazel called the behaviour “disgraceful” and said that she had also been subjected to criticism about her weight by people in positions of authority, including being told she was overweight.

The revelations come in the wake of a promising triathlete Hollie Avil announcing her retirement from the sport, having developed “an eating disorder” following comments about her weight from a coach.

Hazel, 26, said in relation to Minichiello’s claims: “I have experienced it first hand, also from people within the organisation that was supposed to be supporting us and I just think to a certain extent it is very disgraceful.

“When it comes to your weight there are certain ways to deal with it and there are certain ways not to deal with it. Obviously there are a lot of young girls out there who would take this on board as a real critique of their physical wellness and that has really detrimental effects.”

She added: “It’s not a nice feeling to be called overweight or things like that”

“Some people think that you have to look like you are completely emaciated to actually be in good physical shape and that’s not the truth.”

At the root of the problem is the same kind of stupidity as underpins so much that is wrong in society, pseudo – science, in this case the kind of idiocy that tries to reduce human beings to mathematical equations. Health scientists and people who believe in the bullshit spouthed by such window lickers are still besotted with BMI (Body Mass Index), as a measure of heath. And these OCD stricken retards cannot understand that lean muscle weights much heavier by volume than body fat. A pound of lean muscle is the size of a bar of soap, a pound of fat is the size of a football according to independent sources. Everybody knows this except for the fuckwit scientists who can’t get their feeble, mathematics obsessed, little minds round it at all.

Now athletes like Jessican and Louise work on burning off fat and packing as much power into their muscles as possible. This increases muscle density. So these slender, toned bodies will always show a distorted BMI reading. And that gives some twat who thinks he is taking the scientific approach an excuse to have a go at them even though in any athletic contest he could not compete.

Ironically, today a story broke about emergency services having to half demolish a house is south Wales to free the occupant, a nineteen year old girl who weighed in a 63 stone by the time her legs gave out and she could not get up off the bog. (full story)

WTF were all the scientists and do gooders doing while she balloned up to that weight, apart from trying to wreck the self confidence and careers of Olympic hopefuls who are a credit to our country.

It’s time we told all these hangers on and useless fuckwits with their Mickey Mouse degrees in “sport science” from Usedtobeapoly University who have somehow got their snouts in the public trough to fuck the fucking fuck off and get proper jobs. Maccy Ds are always recruiting.

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