We Must Ban Schoolteachers From Having Any Contact With Children

The Politically Correct lunacy that is poisoning our society has at last gone too far in the education system in attacking the customs and values that Britishness is built on. Our children are being brainwashed with wussiness. Here’s an example of how:

A Primary school has banned football after children were alleged to be copying ‘overzealous tackles’ from Euro 2012.

Playing football at break-time has been forbidden to stop fights and teachers at staff at Hall Road Primary, in Orchard Park, Hull have asked the boys to play skipping games and outdoor chess instead.

Deputy head teacher Kristina Frary said the ban was needed to prevent injuries and allow staff to get on with teaching.

She said: “Passions are running high, especially with the Euro 2012 football tournament. Potentially, that’s why children are wound-up.

“We have had a sequence of fall-outs and they were all centred around football.

Fallings out in the playground as a primary school? And this never happened before Euro 2012 started? Amazing. Well of course the laws of politically correct control freakery demand that is there is anything that offers the slightest excuse for banning an activity kids enjoy then that activity must be banned.

I hate to think what the shrinking violets of Hall Road Primary staffroom would have made of the robust tackles that were standard in Rugby games at my old school. Boys do not need televised football tournaments to encourage them to be enthusiastic about sports that involve physical contact, it’s in our nature. And all efforts to change human nature are doomed to end in catastrophe.

We must ban schoolteachers from having any contact with schoolchildren until they have worked for at least ten years in a factory or on a building site. That should be long enough for even the most wussy to learn a little about reality.

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9 thoughts on “We Must Ban Schoolteachers From Having Any Contact With Children

  1. I have a connection with the school and the children are outraged at the innaccurate reporting of the football ban. The children are aware that the ban had nothing to do with the European Championships and that because they were fighting the children supported the school wide decision that they should have the privilege of being allowed to bring in their footballs taken away until they were more responsible and respectful.
    On the TV interviews the children and most parents fully supported the measure and are fully aware it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘political correctness’!
    Interestingly, the children were horrified that the press were willing to, so easily, make a story suggesting that they did not get along due to differences in culture/background and they are writing letters to the paper which broke the story to complain in order to support their school and stand up for their own reputation.


    • An interesting defence of political correctness but when you say the children suport a ban on playground football you destroy your credibility. Interviews with kids at the school shown on more reliable sources than the Bolshevik Broasdcasting Corporation showed they were outraged at the ban. Even your account of the kids support for the ban reeks of propaganda.

      Truth is always the first casualty of war and left wing politics.

      Nice try but I guess you are one of those hand wringing lefties who would force little boys to play with dolls and Wendy Houses and thus grow up to be sadistic serial killers.


      • >>Interviews with kids at the school shown on more >>reliable sources than the Bolshevik Broasdcasting >>Corporation showed they were outraged at the ban.

        I am very interested to see the links to the childrens’ accounts of the experience. I would grateful if you could point me in the direction…

        Many thanks


      • I and other readers might have been interested to see links to information backing up the claims made in your first comment. But you did not provide any.
        Quid pro quo.


    • Wll Esme Rurh your link is rather stage managed and the pupils are obviously cherry picked teachers pets (and to be honest they don’t sound like typical Hull inhabitants) but we’ll leave all that aside.

      And being polite people we will not point out that all the children’s comments on the poster supporting the ban were in the same handwriting.

      In this post from the local news blog that broke the story the teacher responsibe for the ban says “Passions are running high, especially with the Euro 2012 football tournament. Potentially, that’s why children are wound-up.”

      Yet in the text accompanying the video you link to theteacher (presumably the same one) says the football realated aggro is not linked with Euro 2012.

      And in The Daily Telegraph report the teacher says there have only been a very small number of incidents. So why the ban? Could it be this teacher does not like little boys because one day they will grow into men by any chance. If you know what I mean.

      Meanwhile Huffington Post UK gave us a real treat by printing a list of tweets from people giving examples of the crazy things banned by the control freak petty bureaucrats who run schools.


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