More on the school football and other things banned by schools.

Head Teachers and deputy heads are Nazis. I have know this since my schooldays when I was often blamed and punished for things I did not do simply because I refused to conform.

Head teachers and deputy heads hate individuals who think for themselves. As Hyptatia of Alexandria said: “Always think for yourself. It is better to think and be wrong than not to think but try telling a head teacher that and you are in trouble.

To head teachers there is no difference between education and indoctrination and school is about their career rather than the futures of the young people whose brains are abused throughout their schoolyears.

So the news story of the school that bannede football because it occasionally gets a bit rough is following the rule rather than the exception to it.

Here, courtesy of Huffington Post, are some of the things politically correct school heads have banned and the stupid reasons threy gave for banning them.

Pokemon cards. Apparently kids swapping them encouraged gambling. I think the teachers just wanted to keep them.

Our school banned patent shoes in case they reflected our knickers & made the lorry drivers crash.
(Editor’s note: My wife’s school did that too – one of the joys of a convent education)

My school banned fountain pens for H~&S reasons and hugs because they were “inappropriate …

We were banned at primary school from running in the playground. Skipping was allowed though! (H&S reasons!!)

My primary school banned running in the playground, children kept falling over, how inconsiderate! # SERIOUSLY!

My grammar school banned petticoats. In summer we wore light summer dresses. Dirty old men must have rejoiced

@HuffPostUKUni Our primary school forbid us from having relationships (boyfriends-girlfriends)- love was too serious affecting school work!!

Well there we have it. Head teachers are all creepy neo – Nazi control freaks (just as all games teachers are sadistic paedophiles except for Miss Bolton who took the girls for gym and netball and was well fit) and should not in any circustances be allowed anywhere near children.

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