Has Blogging Finally Died?

My traffic to this blog has gone down the pan. I have not been doing a lot to promote my blog recently I admit. So what is he complaining about? you might well ask.

The reason I stopped putting the effort in is there seems to be nothing I can do attract readers now. Since Google introduced it’s Panda and Penguin updates to the algorithm all the old search engine optimisation techniques just do not have any effect. This is not my view alone but an emerging concensus at web master forums I visit.

Now I have never liked Google or the two guys who founded it, those semi autistic little neo – Nazi tic turds Larry Page and Sergei Brin. From day one it was obvious they were a couple of world domination freaks who should have been the Google worshippers strangled at birth.

I know I will upset a lot of people by saying that; strangely the Google worshippers tend to be the very same people who are always banging on about how logical and rational they and how they are too intelligent to believe in God. Don’t they realise that by letting their solipsistic little minds endow a search engine with divine omnipotence, omnipresence and omniesence they have simply created a high tech god that is as irrational as those of the traditional religions. Oh well, critical thinking was never a strength of the cupid stunts who are obsessed with science and technology.

Google is a god to its fans, the technology sheeple. Once you understand that it is easy to be sceptical about the claims Google made for Panda and Penguin: the first was allegedly intended to shift emphasis from links to content thus removing the incentive for comment spam, the second to downgrade low quality sites such as link farms and content scrapers (who steal the original content of other sites).

Now either Google failed catastrophically (not previously unknown) or they were lying (not previously unknown either), as bloggers we all know the comment spammers are busier than ever and forums at Web Pro News are full of people who have tested search resutls and proved junk content sites of the type that are likely to generate good revenue for Google have actually benefitted from measures that we were told should penalise them.

Another factor Google have raised in importance that works against us hobbyists is the current version of the algorithm rewards those pages that are updated frequently. So Google have now introduced an incentive for content spam which is why you might have noticed a lot of pages featuring gibberish that is in fact computer generated content (try reading any of this and you soon understand it is an act of mercy to kill those geeks who believe computers will soon be able to think like humans.

So when you get down to it, we’ve no chance.

This blog will keep going because while businesses use it for spammy posts to promote their crappy products Google will love it and my content will get indexed quickly when linked from here. But quality will decline, as it has across the web since Google’s crappy search technology that penalises good writing and relevant information and rewards spam and advertising shite first appeared.

If you want to help reverse this trend towards the crappification of everything, act now. Think for yourselves, don’t let machines tell you what to do. You’re a human being.

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2 thoughts on “Has Blogging Finally Died?

  1. Yes a human indeed, and I like this post. This is my first encounter with your blog after almost 7 years on BCUK. Lots of people bitch about Google, but seldom spell out the methods of their crappinessas you do here. Alec Weston.


    • Thanks Alec, a lot of people including many of those who work in information technology have little understanding of how Google manipulates the information we are presented with.

      As an old mainframe programmer and systemjs analyst and later a consultant I know hoe easy it is to put a filter in a search program to bring certain results to the top.

      When Eric Schmidt was CEO of Google he said, “Our aim is to go as close to creepy as possible without crissing it.” I blogged at the time, “Eric, your outfit crossed that line long ago and is now into downright psychotic.”


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