Scientists Turn Rat Into Jellyfish

Scientists have “created” an artificial life form that resembles an other-worldly alien from a sci-fi movie and has a name to match. But real-life scientists created the multi-limbed “Medusoid” which swims with the help of pulsating rat heart cells.

The artificial creature, measuring several centimetres across, is made of transparent elastic silicone. It propels itself through water with pumping movements when stimulated with electricity, but has no brain – yet.

Tissue engineers in the US based the design of the Medusoid on the jellyfish, believed to be the most primitive multi-organed animal.

Professor John Dabiri, a member of the team from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) that has achieved this latest scientific beakthrough in wasting taxpayers’ money, said: “I was surprised that with relatively few components – a silicone base and cells that we arranged – we were able to reproduce some pretty complex swimming and feeding behaviours that you see in biological jellyfish. I’m pleasantly surprised at how close we are getting to matching the natural biological performance.

Really, WOW. So they took a rat, got rid of its brain and backbone and turned it into a jellyfish. A few years down the line they will be able to take a rat, get rid of its brain, backbone and emotions and turn it into a politician. Read full post:

Don’t hate that rat, it may be more human than you think.
Alien in my bed

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