Twit Of The Year Award

Monty Python once featured a sketch entitled “Upper Class Twit Of The Year.”

Now thanks to Twitter twittishness is no longer the preserve of the upper classes, any arsehole can join in.

So following the revelation that Rebecca Addlington, double Olympic gold medallist,and Jessica Ennis,double European and World Champion heptathlete, do not read any messages before competitions, on account of there always being some messages of a disparaging nature in among the good wishes, we now learn that a Twit, calling himself Rileyy69, tweeted an offensive message to Tom Daley, our Olympic diving hope and former world diving champion, and also the athlete women of a certain age would most like to mother, aawww, he’s so cute!

Little Tom’s response was quite grown up really in that he re-tweeted the message with a comment along the lines of ” see the kind of idiots I have to put up with.”

Well Rileyy69 soon got the message that you don’t say nasty things to a potential National Treasure, so he tweeted an apology, but this failed to stop other twits sending him abusive tweets so he laid into Tom again.

Rileyy69 is allegedly a 17 year old from Dorset, and he has now been arrested and charged under the Malicious Communications Act, which makes it “an offense to send an electronic communication that conveys a grossly offensive message intended to cause distress or anxiety”.

Now I don’t know but I’d be willing to bet that young Rileyy has not achieved very much in his short life so far, he probably won’t have made it into the school swimming gala and I can imagine that if he ever stood on a 10 metre diving platform the best he could manage would be a bomb and safest probably a shamefaced climb back down the ladder.

It would appear that he doesn’r compete at international level in any event, not even tiddlywinks or conkers, so while I think arresting him is probably going too far, haven’t the police got anything better to do with their time, I think I’d be inclined to take him up to the 10 metre platform and force him to dive off. A belly flop from 30 odd feet should prove a reliable way to make him take to heart those words our mothers, grandmothers and teachers drummed into us at an early age, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Oh, and of course he has achieved something, The Boggartblog Twit Of The Year Award.

5 thoughts on “Twit Of The Year Award

  1. I find Tom Daley quite annoying, but I would never send him a tweet. (I would never send anyone a tweet, to be honest). The actual message that got the young tweeter arrested was said to have been more than merely offensive or annoying – it is alleged to have included a reference to drowning him.


    • There seem to be different versions of what the tweet said in circulation. The only one I’ve seen is a reference to letting his dad down. Which is cruel but not very offensive.


      • The first comment did concern his Dad, and considering how close they were I’d class it as pretty offensive.

        And as I said after being hounded on Twitter Rileyy69 sent more messages which did contain death wishes.

        Kirstie Allsopp was writing today about her experiences at the hands of two teenage girls who sent her a stream of offensive messages saying how she ought to shoot herself in the womb to prevent her having any more children as she would be such an awful mother, ? how would they know?, and wishing her dead.

        I think these comments are probably nastier because they are not based on anything apart from a malicious desire to say something nasty to someone you don’t know and therefore think you can get away with it.

        As I say if there was some form of retribution, perhaps displaying the comments with the names of the posters in their school, or to their employers, then quite a lot of this sort of thing would probably disappear.


      • I’ve always said we should register an intertnet id that makes all activity traceable to its source. Then people will think twice before posting.

        Most malicious tweeters and commenters are just attention seekers. We should pity them but be prepared to bang them up for their own safety.


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