No Nude Pictures, Please, We’re Over It

Prince Harry, caught naked after enjoying several beers and a game of strip billiards, you say? The horror! (you can play strip anything if you put your mind to it)

Oh, hang on, there really is a debate happening in the national media about whether British newspapers should print said pictures or not. Of course, they would have done so without thinking twice about it, had it not been for that pesky Leveson Enquiry.

I don’t think he should be shot for it. I don’t think this means he has serious issues spanning from the death of his mother/pressure of being a royal/probably not going to be King. Getting pissed and getting naked is not really what I would consider unusual behaviour, and not even something that’s developed in recent years as people are apparently binge drinking more, and all the other dangers of modern living listed in social behaviour studies. I’m pretty sure boys at my primary school ran around with their trousers down at various play times. Unless they were putting brandy in the milk, I’m pretty sure that was just good old fashioned exhibitionism. Students in Sheffield used to partake in something called Pyjama Jump every November where ladies went out in men’s pyjamas, and men dressed in ladies skimpy nighties/underwear. This was banned in 1997 after several incidents with hypothermia – a health and safety issue rather than a public decency issue.

Does anybody actually want to see Prince Harry naked? I don’t want to sound like a prude here, but there is so much nudity available at every turn these days, I wouldn’t even call it news. Facebook, Twitter, celeb/gossip mags, tabloids, countless documentaries of Magaluff/Ayia Napa/Ibiza uncovered with drunk, naked Brits in every scene; you can’t move for arse and boobs.

If I had a quid for every time I’ve had a naked crowd surfer above my head, I’d probably get drunk and play strip billiards.

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