War on mororists a myth, we hate everybody, says Labour think tank.

You have to hand it to the loony lefties of Labour. In spite of their being totally humourless and having no sense of either irony or the absurd they manage to be wonderfully comical. Having waged unrelenting war on motorists for sixty five years, Labour policy makers are now claiming the “war on the motorist” is a myth and fuel taxes should be raised without delay,for the greatest good of the greatest number. The Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR), a left wing think tank which has close links to Labour has said as much in a report published today.

The IPPR report argues that bus and rail passengers are being hit far harder than motorists because of the soaring cost of fares. Well fares are increasing, that much is true but the reason fares are increasing, apart from the desire of loony leftie councils that have priced motorists out of their town and now have a revenue shortfall to screw public transport users rather than cut funding for projects that only benefit black, Irish, homosexual and lesbian, one legged, dwarf, alcoholic, retard, single parents.

In June, against a backdrop of soaring petrol prices, George Osborne scrapped a 3p rise in fuel duty, as he bowed to pressure to protect families during the economic slowdown. Labour and their fellow travellers are not happy about this in spite of the fact that most Labour voters rely on cars to get to and from work because in thirteen years of Labour misrule so many stupid “yooman rights” laws were passed that privatised bus companies will not hire driver because it is impossible to sack them even if they turn up drunk without going through a ten year legal process costing millions and so are abandoning routes.

Earlier this month commuters were told that their rail fares will increase by up to 11.2 per cent in the new year, with the average rise being set at 6.2 per cent. What has that to do with car drivers? The greedy, elistist, fat bastards who run the rail companies and who before 2010 were so very very cosy with the elitists of the Labour government have seen an opportunity to screw the poor workers who have been forced out of their cars by the exhorbitant insurance premiums charged by the greedy, fat, Labour supporting bastards who run the insurance companies. I challenge anybody to build an argument to refute this.

Car Drivers, the IPPR says, are in a far better position, because they can cut their motoring costs by using more fuel efficient cars and cutting out unnecessary journeys. Oh yeah, we can buy cars the makers claim will give us a million miles to the gallon but in real world conditions give about 30 mpg or we can buy pimped up prams electric cars that cost a million pounds to buy and after spending three days on charge will have enough juice in the batteries to get you do the end of your suburban drive (but not back again).

Boggart Blog suggests that to help the coddleed elitists of the IPPR understand their folly they should me made to ride for ten miles every day on a bus, sitting next to the resident babbling nutter who stinks of piss.

Remember folks, if you are a rich, elitist businessperson, lawyer, media professional or academic, Labour is the party that despises the poor as much as you do. The coalition might be screwing up your life because they are incompetent but if Labour’s loony lefties wre back in power they would screw up your life because they get a thrill out of it.


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2 thoughts on “War on mororists a myth, we hate everybody, says Labour think tank.

    • Thanks, having been mostly a good hubby but for never quite getting my head round that bit in the vows about “forsaking all others” I fully supported that woman’s argument that we should have a more relaxed attitude to affiars.
      It’s not like infidelity is a new idea is it?


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