Too Fat To Die

We are all used to the drama of the diminishing appeals of prisoners on death row, if only via books and film. Usually the condemned is trying to gain a stay of execution so he can prove his innocence. However not many prisoners actually get the nod from the Governor just as they are being strapped into the chair.

Ronald Post his hoping his appeal against execution will be one of the successful ones. Convicted of aggraated murder for the shooting of a hotel clerk, Mr. Post was sentenced to death by lethal injection.

However his lawyer now suggests that as Mr. Post weighs in at 34 stones he is an unsuitable candidate for this form of despatch. A doctor has submitted a report which claims that Mr. Post’s bulk will make it impossible for him to fit on the table. Therre are doubts as to whether the table will support his weight. Furthermore finding a vein could prove difficult amid all the flab and it could also take an inordinate amount of time and hydromorphone to kill the lardarse.

Well there’s one for the Health Police, being obese could actually save his life. Mind you, as we all know the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, Mr. Post was convicted in 1985, perhaps his gross weight will have finished him off by the time the appeal comes through.

2 thoughts on “Too Fat To Die

  1. People in the American legal system don’t know the meaning of words like expiditious.
    They probably don’t read much enlightenment philosphy either but one would hop somebody migh have come across David Hume’s words about wishing for a speedy resolution


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