Another Elitist Comes Out Of The Authoritarian Closet

In remarks this morning to the Clinton Global Initiative, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed a radical idea: a global tax on rich people around the world.

“One of the issues that I have been preaching about around the world is collecting taxes in an equitable manner, especially from the elites in every country,” Clinton said to laughter from the audience. “You know I’m out of American politics, but – (applause) – it is a fact that around the world, the elites of every country are making money.”

Well that’s very true, according to figures obtained from the US Internal Revenue Service Hilly and hubby Slack Willy pulled in income of $109 million in the past decade.

Clinton (personal fortune $35 million, mostly her share of the Rodham family fortune) continued her assault on the rich. “There are rich people everywhere. And yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own countries.” So how much of her fortune is Hilly stupmping up? Well none actually, it is all tied up in trusts and legally protected from the taxman. Like most rich politicians Hillary is very enthusiastic about grabbing other peoples’ money.

Mrs. Clinton said that the rich around the world do not give back to their communities. “They don’t invest in public schools, in public hospitals, in other kinds of development internally,” said Clinton.

She continued, saying that it is up to foreign leaders to make the change. “And so it means for leaders telling powerful people things they don’t want to hear,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s boss, Barack Obama, has made raising taxes on the rich or at least, raising taxes on rich people who do not donate to his campaigns, a centerpiece of his reelection campaign. Little Black Bammy has made a big deal out of his opponent Mitt Romney’s wealth but is very coy about releasing his own tax returns. Could this be anything to do with the fact that he and Michy pulled in a couple of million each from various sources every year since he has been President? And that’s not counting Barry’s salary.

Effing hypocrites all of them.

When I hear about any of these people dissolving their trusts and giving their money to the poor I might start to take them seriously.

Don’t call me a conspiracy theorist

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