Steve Partridge

Dear old Question Time returned last night and, because it is difficult these days to find four politicians capable of sitting on a chair and talking at the same time they again featured a celebrity has been on the panel of talking heads.

Steve Coogan, professional Tory hater, coke snorter, twenty four hour party person, quixotic anti tabloid warrior, comedian who has not been funny for well over ten years and creator of the wonderful Alan Partridge was the has been of the hour.

His only achievement was to prove that in real life he is an even bigger twat than his fictional character.

2 thoughts on “Steve Partridge

    • When it was announced the film Twenty Four Hour Party People who feature Coogan playing the role of Factory Records founder Tony Wilson, Peter Hook of New Order said, “That’s the biggest cunt in Manchester being played by the second biggest cunt in Manchester.


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