No Conspiracy Is To Big To Conceal

Yesterday my little lass Cleo who is all growed up now and works as a sarcasticist for Boggart Blog posted an article about the Lance Armstrong scandal which touched on the idea that all sport is corrupt, competitors can only win if they are drug cheats and like Jimmy Savile, athletes have been at it for decades.

Apologists for everything, those people who believe the government is really our best friend and we should never question anybody in authority because the elite are superior beings and are incapable of malfeasance, trotted out their usual defence that such a conspiracy would require the complicity of many people to keep it secret.

Also yesterday I looked into a thread on an American site in which the televised debate between Vice President Biden and VP candidate Ryan was being discussed. The most colourful sub thread focused on the fact that recovering alcoholic Joe Biden laughed out loud (yes LOLed :)) ) when Ryan mentioned that the government had failed to act on intelligence reports that a terror attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was imminent.

“BWAH HA HA HA HAARRRR,” guffawed Dr. Evil Biden, “You don’t believe that bunch of malarkey do you? There were no such intelligence reports.”

Myself and another Englishman, Graham Leah had to point out that there were, provided by British Intelligence agents and even if The White House had lost the documents or deleted the emails, our removing British diplomatic personnel from Benghazi and asking the Americans to look after our stuff out to have been a bit of a clue.

Graham and myself were surprised by the response, not the hostile replies from followers of the Obamessiah cult but other comments from more level headed people saying they knew nothing of the British pullout and U S media were still reporting that the Al Qaeda sponsored attack on the embassy building, which was a carefully planned operation that had taken weeks to prepare, had been nothing more than a spontaneous protest against a home made video on You Tube which said some uncomplimentary things about Islam.

Just think, to keep from the American public such a sensational news item of global interest would require a conspiracy involving the whole of the American government including both elected representatives and professional civil and military servants and the whole of broadcast and print media.

Compared to that covering up drug cheating in sport or paedophile rings in the BBC would be a doddle.

Never trust authority and, as The Buddha advised, believe nothing unless it complies with your own experience and instincts.

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