The Voting Dead (series 2)

One of the bizarre features of American politics is that due to some cock – eyed interpretation of a clause in their beloved constitution people turning up to vote on election day are allowed to carry guns but are not required to carry any proof of identity.

This has led to some bizarre results over the years because a common practice that is said to have begun in Chicago in the Al Capone era involves dead people voting. Yes, forget the black and hispanic demographic, the corporate professional demographic, the over 60s demographic and the multi – gun – owning, pickup – truck – driving, Jesus loving, burger chomping demographic, it’s the zombie demographic that swings elections in America. The practice spread from the windy city and now goes on in every marginal constitution with officials at all levels of government from Senators and Congressmen down to local dog catchers and parks superintendents having to canvass the voting dead to ensure victory.

Quite the most insane election result of the November 6 election was in one of the Florida St. Lucie constituency where the election of a congressman produced a total turnout of 141% of the electorate according to some sources (most of them on Twitter it must be said).

That would mean people who last cast a living vote in a year that richard Nixon was elected had turned out to help choose their congressman. But is it unreasonable to expect that an election official might notice that a prospective voter had grey, decaying flesh, moved is a strange jerky way, stank a bit and stopped on his way to the polling booth to eat the security officer.

The Saint Lucie constituency BTW is still counting votes a week after the election.

Such political enthusiasm is only dreamed of in Britain.

Zombie Apocalypse

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