This Is Outrageous. The Deification of Obama Must Stop Now

A book just published in the USA bears the title The Gospel According To The Apostle Barack.

This is not a joke — or at least not an intentional joke. Nor is this offered in an ironic sense, as in how the media has portrayed Barack Obama. This epistle comes from a professor at Florida A&M University, who claims God told her that Barack Obama is thirteenth Apostle. Take a look at the Amazon page (linked above) if you think we are off on another Boggart Blog wind up


So what has that to do with us unbelievers at Boggart Blog you might well ask. Well if that was all, I could say, “Not much” and do some cheap jokes about America, home of the deranged and the land of the crazy.

But it does not stop there, it gets worse. Boggart Blog may not believe in God but we do believe in some things. We believe in Cod which is why we are off to get a chippy tea in a couple of hours. We believe in the superiority of northern beer, and of Rugby League over Union and we believe the Beatles are the Second Coming.

So when the Barbara Thompson author of this wretched heresy also says Obama is the fifth Beatle that is just going to far.

Who is coming to the stoning?

Read a review of The Gospel according To The Apostle Barack

Obama Is Eulogised, Marco Rubio Is Slagged Off. Yet They Said The Same Thing

2 thoughts on “This Is Outrageous. The Deification of Obama Must Stop Now

  1. You’d have thought they’d have come down to earth after all that Second Coming bollocks in the 2008 election. To be fair, I think Obama himself would find such a book pretty embarassing.


    • You’re probably right. I’ve never liked him, simply not being George W Bush was never enough to convince me of his greatness, but it is the cult like creepiness of his supporters that really scares me.


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