But Some People Are Just Batty

A follow up to the story I posted earlier.

On having a shufti through The Currant Bun there’s a full page story on a crackpot dog owner who spends £500 a month to kit herself and pooch out in matching outfits.

Yes she’s female, well you could work that one out for youselves, but most surprisingly she’s a good forty years shy of picking up her pension.

Boggartblog’s resident shrink thinks it could be a case of arrested development, after all little girls are notorious for dressing up anything thet will keep still long enough.

To the young lady in question the shrink has this advice: find yourself a bloke and have a good shag, leaving the dog out of the room.
Although stockings and suspenders are a big turn on for the average male this doesn’t apply, in most cases, when the wearer is one foot high, sports all over body hair and smells of PAL.

To the blokes he says,
“Avoid this one like the plague. A latent bunny boiler if ever there was one.
If you start a relationship with a girl like this not only will she have a pet name for your todger, she’ll be buying little cosies to keep it warm in the winter.”
Colour co-ordinated with your undercrackers obviously.

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