Dogs Feel The Cold Too – Not

Sometimes you think that perhaps it is time for the world to come to an end, – shame for Kate though who would just be getting over the morning sickness by December 20 oddth.

Out walking yesterday, in rural Barnsley, a place with a strong mining history; think flat caps, whippets and “Trouble at t’pit. Indeed I was walking above the former mine workings where 12 children died in a flash flood in the ventilation shaft they were sheltering in, way back in 1832 or thereabouts.

It was a bright sunny day, chill, obviuosly, but quite warm enough one would have thought for, say, a small dog, with a shaggy coat.

But obviuosly not.

Said pooch was wearing a sheepskin lined puffa jacket – with a red, fleecy lined hood.

A word to my canine friend, piss in her slippers and crap on her bed, that’s if you can work your way out of your doggy onesie.

7 thoughts on “Dogs Feel The Cold Too – Not

    • Just so long as you don’t have a go at cats, in my sister’s world I’m the only person allowed to hate cats (and I only dislike them because too many members of my family treat them as if they’re more human than humans)


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