I’m sure he used to be somebody funny.

Eddie Murphy has been named the most overpaid actor in Hollywood by business magazine Forbes. When we saw the headline everyone in the Boggart Blog office felt sure Eddie Murphy used to be someone who was funny before he disappeared up his own arse.

A number of significant flops, including ‘Imagine That’, ‘A Thousand Words’ and ‘Meet Dave’, have ushered him to the top of the list of stars who make back far less for their studios than they should considering their substantial pay cheques.

Is Eddie Murphy’s A Thousand Words the worst-reviewed film ever?

Over his last three films, Murphy made $2.30 (£1.40) at the box office for every $1 (62p) he was paid.

The ‘Shrek’ and ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ star beat last year’s winner of the dubious title, Drew Barrymore. Barrymore has now dropped out of the top 10 completely.

Will Ferrell, who has topped the list twice in the last four years, is also out of the top 10 this year.

Here is the list in full:

1. Eddie Murphy – made $2.30 at the box office for every $1 paid
2. Katherine Heigl – $3.40
3. Reese Witherspoon – $3.90
4. Sandra Bullock – $5
5. Jack Black – $5.20
6. Nicolas Cage – $6
7. Adam Sandler – $6.30
8. Denzel Washington – $6.30
9. Ben Stiller – $6.50
10. Sarah Jessica Parker – $7

As we reflected on who in this list might have become has beens before they had ever been, someone pointed out that a loist of overpaid footballers would be even longer.

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