A Generation Of Piss Heads

Gotta love those scientists, they just get whackier and whackier. And at the moment medical science leads the way.

A new scientific study claims that human urine can be converted into brain cells. And the surprising discovery, described in a report that isn’t titles Piss For Brains but should be may extend beyond practical applications, allowing researchers to circumvent the controversial debate over stem cell research.

The study, published online in Nature Methods and conducted by a team led by Chinese stem-cell biologist Duanqing Pei, found that cells generated from human waste might someday be used to study disease and even in therapeutic treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

Plus, there’s a potential added bonus to the discovery: Embryonic stem cells possess a high risk of developing tumors, which reportedly would not be an issue with cells taken from the urine samples.

It’s a sobering thought that every time we go for a slash we are pissing a bit of our future away.

Black Hat Biotech

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