National Socialists Call For Legal Limit On Fat And Sugar

The National Socialist Party Of Great Britain (formerly The Labour Party) has urged the government to consider introducing legal limits on sugar, salt and fat content in food on the back of lard arse former Labour minister Diane Abbott’s demands for a ban on fried chicken.

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said current voluntary agreements with the food industry were not working and the obesity problem was worsening. He said Labour will soon begin a consultation on how to tackle obesity. They could start byunderstanding that the more left wing control freaks go on about how we shouldn’t do something, the more we will do it.

The coalition says working with the food industry through the Responsibility Deal has improved food content and labelling.

But Mr Burnham said the “time has come for new thinking” on the lines of “Ve haf vays of making people give up lard.” He suggested a legal limit on the amount of fat, sugar and salt, especially for foods aimed at children, should be established.

Well I suppose we can all fuck off to France where they eat loads of lard, butter, cream, salty stuff and alcohol and are healthier than we are. Or we could display Burnham’s head and Abbott’s arse on pikes in Parliament Square to warn other self righteous socialist twats of the danger of leturing us.

BBC News
Andy Burnham’s ban on frosties

3 thoughts on “National Socialists Call For Legal Limit On Fat And Sugar

  1. Andy “Pandering” Burnham proposes a limit on sugar content (by weight) in cereals of 30%! Wow, THAT’ll get the nation’s fatties back in shape!!
    It’s Grrrrrrreat news for Tate & Lyle!!!
    And for the lad’s directorship prospects after losing his seat to UKIP at the next GE!!!!


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