Politically Correct Policing

Our readers are all aware how much us Boggart Bloggers love any kind of politically correct bullshit.

We we missed this story ourselves so hat tip to Anna Raccoon for bringing it to the attention of the world.

Positive Discrimination, Political Correctness and The Plod
Theresa May is due to announce this week that in future, you can become a Superintendent or Inspector in the Police Farce without any prior experience of policing. It?s called Direct Entry, possibly from the hallowed grounds of Kidderminster University?s Media Studies Department.

They will be able to decide the correct response to a call saying, for instance, that the staff of the local Chinese takeaway, armed with machetes, are chasing a group of Jamaican Yardies down the High Street. Do you send two police women in a Ford Escort, a van full of riot trained experienced coppers, or just send the CID round in the morning to take a statement from the survivors? Your call. We can only speculate how useful three years of propping up the bar in the Student Union will be in this situation over and above several years of being one of the unfortunate plods sent out to deal with such an incident.

Into this farcical mix steps Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, saying that actually, whilst Ms May is about it, could she make sure that the Media Studies trained Superintendent comes from one of the black or ethnic minority communities, because:

Often we are out there resolving disputes between communities and we need officers that understand different communities and different backgrounds.

A statement which presupposes that the decision made will be one that reflects the cultural or ethnic background of our new Superintendent. Otherwise what is his point?

read the full story here:


There are serious criminals out there and they carry knives, rusty chains and baseball bats with nails through the end.

What kind of idiots are planning to sens wusses with media studies degrees to deal with them. We need big blokes with fierce dogs out there. The people who came up with this plan should be sent to patrol the centre of Accrigton on a Friday night, they’d soon understand the problem then.

We may as well have this lot as a bunch of recent graduates:

6 thoughts on “Politically Correct Policing

  1. As a young lad bedsit-bound with cabin fever in N. London, I found I got suddenly shunted back down Camden’s housing waiting list after they overnight-adopted some PC lunacy called “positive discrimination” – social housing-apportion in favour of people with dark(er) skin ( than mine).

    When I queried this cute new malarkey, I received a pompous letter informing me it was to “make up” for decades of the opposite apparently going down.

    So. I made up my face with boot polish …and hey presto got a plush penthouse down’t road straight away! ( I jest, natch ).

    Culturally statistically, proportionally, not very many ethnic persons of either sexual persuasion apply in the first instance to become coppers.

    So what’s with all the political bovver when not many end up pounding the beat?

    Is Dianne “PC-on-steroids” Abbott involved, perchance?


    • It has Diane’s lardy fingerprints all over it but I have not heard of any conformed connection.

      The PC lot will never understand that two wongs don’t make a white (oops, sorry; that’s racist) and overcompensating for past mistakes by discriminating against the mainstream population is only going to stir up the kind of trouble left – wing media studies grads will never be able to handle.


  2. Ugh. A lot of new plods already look incapable of resolving a nursery dispute let alone hardened crims having a set-to on a notorious housing estate. Senior coppers with zero experience – the Disneyland version of urban policing.
    The Territorial Army is mostly sitting around doing bugger all – send ’em out and give ’em some target practice with dummies on the run.


    • When the foxhunting ban came in I suggested letting them hunt chavs.

      It was intended as a joke but now is starting to look like a good idea.

      I like the territorials suggestion, even if the Terriers are media studies graduates at least they have some combat training.


  3. Try having a medical condition that uniquely affects people of North Western European heritage – you can actually see the cogs turning in their brains as social workers and medical professionals judge exactly where to place you in their hierarchy of needs.


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