Is Yoga Addictive?

OMG. The former self confessed sex addict and sometime comic, Russell Brand has announced that yoga is better than sex.

So now after conquering his addictions to drink, drugs and sex, no wonder he’s so thin, he’s gone and got himself hooked on yoga.

“I have 30 people doing it in my house,” he explained.

And added, “I had all the crew on my TV show doing yoga in the studio too.

He does it with young women but also names 50 year old Demi Moore, whom he ‘just sees at Yoga’.

The next thing you know he’ll be trawling the dark alleys looking for backstreet yoga dens.

Russell Brand and friends practicing the yoga ‘Corpse Pose’

2 thoughts on “Is Yoga Addictive?

  1. Hey, just watched that vid on my new laptop, which is so quick it’s getting cross with me for sitting there staring into space for the o.3 secs it tkes to load up. And it’s got sound. A whole new world awaits.


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