Another dodgy meat in processed food scandal rocks government.

Shock, Horror!

Traces of beef found in horsemeat Lasagne.

In another revelation that will shock consumers, news media are reporting today that some frozen Lasagnes sold in supermarkets contain beef instead of being 100% horsemeat.

Parents reacted angrily to news that dinners containing beef are being served in schools.

A spokesperson for the school meals service said, “There is a requirement that all meat served in school dinners be halal. So as long as it’s halal horsemeat we don’t see that there is a problem. (Halal in Harrow)

Asked by reporters whether horsemeat was being served in schools and hospitals, a Number 10 spokesperson declined to answer, saying: ‘While the scandal is “distasteful” there was no risk to public safety’.
She said: ‘There is nothing to suggest any health risk from the products that have been identified.’

Asked whether Prime Minister David Cameron would eat “processed beef products”, she added: “I haven’t asked the PM myself, he’s away at an EU conference with other members of the new elite. They are staying in a five star hotel and stuffing themselves with fois gras, truffles, wild salmon, kobe beef and very expensive wine. Do you seriously think Mr. Cameron gives a flying fuck what the proles back home are eating.’

5 thoughts on “Another dodgy meat in processed food scandal rocks government.

  1. I think that the caterers in parliamnet should be required to only sell supermarket value meals for the next year or two. I’d bet there would be a tidal wave of reforms to the food industry and useless government bodies like the food standards agency as a result.


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