Scientists say drink tomato juice to stay healthy.

Every week it seems we get another scare story about food and drink. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat salty foods, you know the kind of stuff.

It’s nice for once to be able to report a bunch of scientists telling us something enjoyable is good for us. Tomato juice is one of your five a day and also one of the healthiest foods you can get hold of. It helps muscle building, breaks down fat, detoxes your system and keeps you regular.

If you don’t fancy raw Tomato juice there are many tasty ways to enjoy it. Try this one which is the favourite of everyone on the Boggart Blog office (where we proudly uphold journalistic traditions):

2 shots 55% Vodka
1 shot tomato juice
dash of Tabasco Sauce
dash Worcestershire sauce
0.5 oz lemon juice
a shake of salt

Mix the tomato juice, tabasco, Worcester Sauce, Lemon juice and salt in a glass and put it to one side.
Drink the Vodka.
If you don’t feel better right away pour another glass of Vodka and drink it.

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