Kill Obese Children To Save Their Lives says Doctor..

Obese children must be given gastric operations to save their lives’a leading obesity expert has said.

OBESE children under the age of 16 should be given extreme stomach surgery because it is the only way to save their lives, Professor David Haslam, of the National Obesity Forum, has said, calling for every child with a weight problem to be considered for a gastric bypass.

Well that’s all very well, but what about the kids who die under anesthetic, develop complications, get septacemia or simply explode and pain the walls pink when the scalpel pricks their skin.

Wouldn’t it be better to make the little shits get some work done.

Full story: Daily Express

8 thoughts on “Kill Obese Children To Save Their Lives says Doctor..

    • Surprising how many are from middle class homes actually, on account of poor kids burning off a lot of energy running away from paedophiles (according to the tabloids).

      But as for the fat chavs, my colleague Sir Hector Gobbett – Broadsides, MP for Rawtenborough since 1832 came up with the perfect solution, put children surplus on treadmills and use them to generate electricity. No reason why it would not work if fat kids were used.

      Energy Crisis, a child could solve it


      • Actually fatsally suggested some time ago that obese people should be cut up and rendered (boiled slowly) to recover the hydrocarbons and use them in manufacturing biofuel.

        I prefer lean meat so for eating I suggest fit, wiry children be soaked overnight in a marinade of oil and calvados, with garlic, basil and oregano (cannibals didn’t call us long pig for nothing)and sauteed on a hot griddle. Serve with a selection of salads and fresh, crusty bread or fava beans and a good chianti.


      • This is a perfect solution in every way. Chavs should neither be seen nor heard, just put to work – especially fat little chavs who need to put something back into society.

        Having a gastric bypass whenever you like is a big fat dirty excuse to fill your chavvy chops with chips.


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