Google Wants To Change Your World – And Make Us All Slaves to Technology

I have always said there was something creepy about Google, in fact when former CEO Eric Schmidt announced while being questioned about Google’s secretiveness and their obsessive collecting of users private data that the company aimed to go as close to creepy as possible without crossing the line I blogged, “Eric, Google crossed the line long ago.”

Page and Brin, those two semi autistic nerds who formed the internet search company were always control freaks on a quest for world domination.

Google’s latest offering is wearable technology, or Project Glass which aims to keep you looking at internet pages (and Google ads) whle you are out shopping, driving your car, walking in the countryside, shagging, drinking with your friends or having a dump. These people have gone beyond creepy and even past fuck off creepy (yeah, we know we’re creepy and that’s how we like it so fuck off), they are now into super – concentrated fuck-the-fucking-fuck-off creepy territory.

By overlaying information into a heads-up display (i.e. one lens of a pairt of glasses), users can access an Android OS while going about their normal daily activities (like driving in heavy traffic). A new promotional video shows happy Californians (who else) browsing the web while skydiving, watching a gig and having flying lessons (WTF? they are people up there flying planes and watching YouPorn at the same time? I wanna leave this planet now!), and all the time having their ‘experience’ enriched by hands-free image and video capture.

Fifteen million views in its first week on YouTube show that the Google augmented reality glasses have overtaken the equally stupid, intrusive and fascistic iWatch as the most coveted piece of wearable technology that you can’t own yet.

When do we start killing these dangerous nerds?

Project Glass promo video

Google’s Mind Control Technology: The Resistance Starts Here

Second Technology Bubble Has Burst

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4 thoughts on “Google Wants To Change Your World – And Make Us All Slaves to Technology

    • Yeah, there’s a You Tube for porn. I don’t know if it’s all amateur hour stuff or if people post clips from commercial DVDs (seems like a good way to attract a visit from a couple of big men with baseball bats)
      I found out about it when I read a blog post about the owner a german, going to jail for tax evasion.

      If that had happened in Britain I wonder could we have prosecuted George Osborne & Co for living off immoral earning?


  1. […] Google wants to change the way you see the world News Used To Be Important – Now It’s Just EntertainmentPeople talk about technology, mainly television, cellulat telephones and the internet having given us an unprecedented ability to communicate. But have they? OK, we can trade meaningless messages with strangers on the other side of the world, we can join the cacophony of social netwoks where everybody yells at once and nobody listens, or we can sit in isolation, shouting inmto the void. But none of those are communicating. Technology has actually inhibited communication. … Google Evil Empire In New Privacy ViolationOnce again the neo-Nazi nerds at Google are in trouble for playing fast and loose with our privacy. Google have bypassed browser privacy setting to track our movements on the web, the bettrer to target us with ads for poxy shite no sane person would buy. What is it these arseholes find difficult to understand about the idea that in the real world or cyberspace same rules apply … […]


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