Maths was never their strongpoint

Fans of Barack Obama were quick to forgive when the President, after talking of having visited all 57 states during his 2008 election campaign, excused his error (thee are actually 50) by saying Maths was not his strongpoint.

It was a measure of the adulation The Obamessiah recieves from his supporters. Here was a man who was going to take over stewardship of the US economy and he cannot count. And his supporters did not think it was important. Wow. No wonder our Prime Ministers envy him.

In the four years they have been in power members of team Obama have not improved their basic arithmetic. Maxine Waters, senior Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, said that the programme of austerity measures called The Sequester could result in “over 170 million jobs lost in the American economy”.

If that is true it would be a political and mathematical disaster of epic proportions. There are only 134 million people working in the United States out of a population of about 315 million people.

See the great mathematician put her foot in her mouth here:

4 thoughts on “Maths was never their strongpoint

    • Yeah but then Texas is ready to quit, California has so many illegal immigrants it is really a province of Mexico funded by the USA, nobody lives in Alaska and Florida never considered themselves part of the Union.


    • I know quite a lot of youngish people who are not high earners but not minimum wagers either who admit they spend a significant amount of their working time surfing the net.


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