Space Mining A Reality By 2016?

We could be mining the moon for minerals by 2016 according to space mining researchers from around the world. These star trek geeks scientists are gathering at the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Science Research (ACSER) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney for the inaugural Off Earth Mining Forum.

The scientists are looking at developing machines that can harvest materials from lunar soil while being remotely controlled from earth.

Experts in space exploration, engineering, robotics, drilling and a space lawyer shared ideas about how existing technologies can be applied to develop remote-controlled mining in space.

Then when they’ve done that all they have to do is build a spaceship big enough to get a worthwhile payload off the moon’s surface and strong enough to cope with the stresses of re entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

These people really do not live on the same planet as us do they?


Astronomers reveal fast FRBs have been discovered coming from the same mystery cosmic source

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12 thoughts on “Space Mining A Reality By 2016?

    • Another bunch are talking about colonising these ‘earth like planets’ they might or might not have discovered orbiting stars 100 light years away.

      If we had a spacecraft that could travel at one tenth of the speed of light (18,600 miles per second) the round trip would take 40 years.

      Currently our fastest spacecraft goes 8 miles per second if it is travelling towards the sun and therefore is helped by gravity (i.e. going downhill with a following wind).

      The gap between science and reality seems to be widening.


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