Volunteers For Slavery

Italy had it’s Beppe Grillo moment last week. Unfortunately we did not get one as the voters of Eastleigh, remembering perhaps that old piece of advice from Hilaire Belloc (Children, always cling to nurse, for fear of something worse) voted for the status quo and elected another Lib Dem to preserve the dominance of ConDem Lab consensus politics.

I voted Lib Dem for years because while the Lib Dems were a mere shadow of the old Liberal Party when it came to offering a political home to the weirdos, cranks, mavericks and freethinkers of the political fringes, they at least represented the protest vote.

Now they are part of mainstream politics, offering policies indistinguishable from those of the Conservatives and Labour and candidates indistinguishable from conservatives or centre left socialists and I can never vote for them again.

On the right we have UKIP and on the left … the void.

Last Thursday on the few minutes of Question Time I watched, film maker Ken Loach, a lifelong socialist was complaining that we need a new grassroots movement of the left, a socialist UKIP. He’s right. We must break away from the pro – global government, slaves to big money, anti – freedom parties and take back control of our nation and institutions


Genesis of an evil empire

4 thoughts on “Volunteers For Slavery

  1. Let’s hear it for the dyed-in-the-yellow wool old sheep of Eastleigh! Still bleating strong post-lying creep Hulme and time shivering under spineless slimeball Clegg ( his “stunning victory” line quite apt – stunned with surprise at winning)

    Would be truly incredible if it wasn’t so f*ing demoralizingly predictable.


    • I know, at least the Liberals, back when I was as member and they were proper Liberals who shot peoples’ dogs, used to grab the odd unexpected by election victory as the voters gave the finger to crooked Labour or Tory local parties.


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