Technology is taking all the fun out of life.

Those killjoys at Volvo deserve to fail their MoT Road Worthiness test for this.

The safety conscious Swedish car makers have unveiled revolutionary technology that automatically applies the brakes on a car when a cyclist swerves in front of the vehicle’s path.

This ins entirely wrong. Cyclists are the most unsafe, irresponsible bastards on the road. You’re in your car surrounded by a ton on metal, they have only one of those silly helmets that make them look like a penguin with its head on backwards and they think they have a right to cut you up.

What we need to make the roads safer is a car that will not let us brake when a cyclist cuts us up. Every cyclist removed from the equation is a boost for road safety.

Has the second technology bubble burst

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2 thoughts on “Technology is taking all the fun out of life.

  1. Now that’s given me a headache.

    As a former cyclist I feel the need to disagree.

    Whilst not perfect myself, I used to find that it was generally the drivers of mid-range executive cars like the Mondeo or the Vectra that were the greater scourge.

    However, as an ex-cyclist and now proud owner of a ten-year-old Vectra I feel the need to agree most vociferously.

    I have to pay an extortionate amount for my Road Fund Licence, yet what do those smug gits pay? Naff all! So who exactly owns the road, eh? It’s certainly not those sweaty, lycra-clad, “doing-my-bit-for-the-environment” tarmac munchers…



    • I’d still ride a bike if I could but off road. Today’s roads are no place to venture without a suit of armour.

      However I have had so many near misses with cyclists coming through on the inside of me as I start to turn left (even though I have been indicating for a hundred yards) I have no sympathy left.


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