Red Wine The Elixir Of Youth?

Yes, that’s what the headline on a story in The Register said:

This is great news Boggart Blog readers. It means by staying pissed forever we can stay young forever. It is nothing to do with alcohol, although that is good for us if we don’t have too much (Hint: When you’re lying in the gutter choking on your own vomit, you should only have two or three more glasses and then stop – well apart from a few shots maybe) The anti ageing ingredient is resveratrol and it has long been suspected of being able to activate a class of proteins called sirtuins that have been observed to extend the lives of certain organisms.

Me. Mrs T, most of our friends and many other freethinking types who like a drink have also known about this for years of course. The French and Italians have known about it for centuries. Why has it taken those sad nerds in universities so long to accept the idea? Well, the scientists have known about it for ages (the science was settled one might say) but were getting paid more to peddle government lies about the dangers of alcohol in order to justify punitive taxes.

Minimum Alcohol Pricing: A Retreat To Common Sense On A Very Stupid Idea.

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