Bloomberg Has Ways Of Making New Yorkers Obey

The Government Has The Right To Curtail Your Freedoms Says New York’s Control Freak Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, notorious for his obsession with nanny state style control freakery said on Sunday: “Sometimes government does know best. And in those cases, Americans should just cede their rights.”

Bloomberg went on to say, “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom,” He was speaking during an appearance on NBC television. The amazing comment was made during a discussion of his attempt to ban large size fizzy drinks because of their high sugar content. Bloomberg’s proposed city law has been struck down by the courts but the mayor insists that his fight to control sugary drink consumption, fatty foods, and regulate how people behave in the privacy of their own homes in the city would go forth.

“We think the judge was just clearly wrong on this,” he told the NBC audience . “Our Department of Health has the legal ability to do this. … They’re not banning anything.” Well I suppose regulating something is not quite the same as banning it.

Mr. Bloomberg’s years in office have launched a blitzkrieg of regulations, policy pushes and propaganda nudges against New Yorkers on a wide range of issues. Aside from the soda size ban and a well-publicized call for tighter gun control, another contentious policy was pressuring hospitals to withhold baby formula in an attempt to to force mothers to breast-feed newborns.

Bloomberg might believe he has done good things through his control freakery but internationally he has made New York City a laughing stock. London Mayor Boris Johnson famously invited New Yorkers to move to London where they can have fizzy drinks as large as they like.

What a silly sausage you are Mr. Mayor
Food crisis and control freakery

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