North Korea – Nuclear War Gangam Style

OK, silly headline but it got your attention. You have probably read or heard from the Illuminati controlled media that the little fat guy with the dodgy haircut who invented the Gangam Style dance is now threatening to start a war. Surely not, you exclaim, he’s too jolly:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un playing with his Scalextric

If only it were a joking matter. Chances are (a) You don’t know what has really been going on because western media’s reporting has been totally biased and (b) You haven’t been paying attention because Kim looks so comedic you can’t take him seriously.

The truth is North Korea’s recent belligerence has been sparked by US Stealth bombers flying over China’s territory. Now China does not want to threaten America, they want Washington to swing the first punch. So what better way to provoke a war with Obamaland than by winding up Little Kim so he yells “Hey Jug ears – come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough. (

PressTV: Russia, China warn US against military exercises near N. Korea


As soon as the first missile is fired at Pyong Yang, Kim’s allies in Beijing and Moscow will step up to defend their little buddy.

And then we are all fucked.

But the real danger man here is Obama. The Narcissist in chief’s ego will not be able to cope with a humiliating climbdown when Pentagon chief warn him not to push his luck.

Western media might see Obama as some kind of saviour, the joybringer and peacemaker but rest of the world sees him rather differently, as a black Bush in fact. And right now, smarting from the failure to depose Assad he’s looking for a war he can win – and proving once more he is stupid.

obama-imageClick image for larger view.

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