Lefties will cost the UK economy £££trillions if we do not set them all to work shovelling shit

We have to get lefties out of government and the public sector. Now I’m not talking about sacking Labour MPs, they’re elected and I’m a great believer in democracy. The people I mean are members of Unison, NASUWT, NUT, PCS, CWU, FSA, GMB, Unite, all those that represent tax eaters. And not just members of those unions but lefties who work as consultants, advisers and spin doctors for government front organisations. Why do I say this today you might well ask.

According to The Office for Budget Responsibility, figures supplied by the Migration Matters Trust reveals that if net immigration were stopped tomorrow, the UK’s net public sector debt would rise from 74 per cent of GDP to 187 per cent within the next 50 years – higher than Greece’s current national debt of 161 per cent.

The report states that the economic benefit of immigration to the UK is revealed today in a report showing that halting net migration would cost every taxpayer in the country £137,000 over their lifetime.

Within five years from now,, according to these bleating, hand wringing wusses public sector net debt would rise by £18bn, the equivalent of 5p on the basic rate of income tax, the research shows.

The trust, a cross-party pro-migration group, said migrants contributed more to the economy through tax than they took in benefits. The research follows announcements of tougher immigration policies, including blocking access to NHS and council housing for those from outside the EU in advance of relaxing entry rules for Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants at the end of this year.

An article published last week by the Labour MP Frank Field and the Conservative Nicholas Soames called for a halt on immigration from other EU countries into the UK during periods of high unemployment.

Atul Hatwal, director of the Migration Matters Trust, said: “The British economy cannot sustain itself without migrant labour. By all means let’s discuss the issue of immigration openly. But once you set aside the rhetoric and the hyperbole, you’re left with a simple truth – Britain cannot afford to shut its doors to migrant workers.”

Clearly the way to resolve this is to wait until the Migration Matters Trust are gathered for their next meeting and then have them taken outside and shot. These people are beyond stupid. Everything they do is done only so that they are seen doing it.

What they are really saying is: “Look at us, see how much we care about immigrants and know what good, morally superior people we lefties are.”

It will not have occurred to a single one of these intellectual window lickers of course when they claim “migrants contributed more to the economy through tax than they took in benefits” that what happens if the jobs currently filled by migrants (who are willing to work for £2.50 an hour, are taken over by resident unemployed Brits? Wouldn’t they contribute even more to the economy as they would be paying tax and not receiving benefits because they have to be paid minimum wage?

We must remember Migration Matters Trust is a pro immigration group and its statistics deliberately disregard effect of the hundreds of thousands of jobs which would be filled by the native born unemployed thereby reducing the benefit bill and thus contributing to the economy.

If you add the money paid in benefits to the cheap labour it does not turn out cheap, it only transfers to burden of providing a living wage from corporations to taxpayers. This we can ignore all the antics performed by lefties in their ecstasy of self loathing. What they are proposing though their love of immigration is pulling off another scam to ensure corporate profits are subsidised by the taxpayer.

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