As we were saying about science not making sense …

A news headline today screamed at us that we are living longer but ageing faster than our parents. Now just think about the irrationality of that for a moment. Everybody dies when they are very old. Now people are different, some dies after only a few years of life, others hang around over a hundred years. But when you’re dead it’s impossible to get any older so everyone is very old when they die.

Having said that, it’s true we are on average living longer with every year that passes. We are some way from escape velocity, the point at which life expectancy increases faster than time passes, but we’re getting there.

In spite of this, scientists are queueing to tell us we are becoming less healthy. Again this is illogical (capatin). We die because we get unhealthy either through age or a disease (unless a tree falls on us or someone hits us with a shovel, politicians send thousands of young men off to run into a hail of machine gun bullets, people are daft enough to eat supermarket own brand corned beef or something else utterly irrational, healthy people do die sometimes.) Therefore no living person is more unhealthy than a dead person. While we are alive we have a bit of health, when we’re dead we have none. So if we are living longer it can only be because we are healthier.

Never believe anything scientists tell you.

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