Shock, Horror! Rolf Harris arrested.

The arrest of everybody’s favourite molester of small furry animals should have come as no surprise. Rumours about Rolf and the unsavoury antics of Jake The Peg have been flying around for some time (People were not really so naive as to believe it really was an extra leg are they?).

Rolf’s people say the sex related allegations are not as serious at those of Juimmy Savile. Well that’s a comfort.Still Rolf’s image was based on being everybody’s favourite Uncle not everybody’s dirty Uncle and a lot of people were shocked to hear he had been arrested on suspiction of ‘historic’ sexual misdemeanours.

When you think about it though the clues were in the songs.

There’s a bit of bondage:
Tie me kangaroo down sport.
A bit of straight lovemaking:
Sun Arise, she come in the morning
And mutual masturbation:
Play we me digeridoo, Blue
play with me digeridoo,
I’ll do the same for you blue,
Just play with me digeridoo.

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