The insanity of the left, the psychosis of political correctness and the death of humour

One of my favourite comedians of recent years is the very talented and very funny Reginald D Hunter, a black American from the deep south, who probably knows more about racism than all of us a put together.

Reg is currently copping a lot of flak from The Politically Correct Though Police for using the n – word in his stand-up performance in front of an audience of Professional Footballers. (Now the more alert and less hysterically P C of you might have noticed that these days many Professional Footballers tend to be – ummm – just a tad dark skinned.

Reg uses the n-word liberally in his act, reflecting the way black people in the south east of the U S A speak to each other. It brings some reality in to his comedy, not that the lefties complaining about Hunter’s language would recognise reality if it ran up to them and pulled their collective pisser (or tickled their collective tits, I have to say for the sake of gender equality).

The comedian also told jokes about Jews, women and Ireland. Now, the PFA is demanding its five-figure fee back (underlining what we all knew, that football is run by cupid stunts). Outraged members of the media chatterati (who never have never ben nearer to football than the time they attended a Victoria Beckham fashion show) are accusing Hunter of setting back the cause of anti-racism in football.

A more-hysterical-than-usual Guardian writer says Hunter has made it that bit more difficult to “kick racism out of football” because in the future racist fans might defend their use of the n-word on the basis that “Hunter said it”. Guardian writers are cupid stunts and possibly the only people who know less about football than the cupid stunts who run the game. Go into any northern pub (well except for those in Cheshire maybe) and you will soon understand football supporters need no encouragement from Reg. D. hunter to use offensive language.

Ah but the only way a Guardian writer would ever enter is northern put is if they were the filling in a Holland’s meat pie.

Are these fucking fuckwits serious? Complaining about Hunter’s gags shows how crazy and disconnected from reality the culture of political correctness has become. Specifically it shows how PC treats words themselves as evil, as charged with a magical power to do harm and cause pain regardless of the context in which they are spoken. It is like Orwellian newspeak, a belief that if language is stripped of the words to express and idea the idea can be mutilated.

Is that really so? Will banning one (or two or three) words really grant racial equality to a bunch of mud hut dwelling vagina mutilators. (I only said that to prove you don’t have use the forbidden words to be racially offensive, not all African societies practice FGM.)

Hunter is himself black, and was using the n-word ironically and wittily, and was doing so in front of a seated audience of Amarni-clad millionaire footballers and their bosses rather than in front of a braying mob of Union Jack T shirt wearing, shaven – headed bastards with British bulldogs tattooed on their butt ends, still he stands accused inciting racism.

In the words of a writer for the Independent who was at the PFA dinner, “a racial slur is a racial slur”. That is, Hunter might have thought he was making a few funny, close-to-the-bone observations but in fact he was behaving in a racist manner according to a person who writes for The Independent, a newspaper not as wholly given over to outbursts of self righteous, left wing cuntiness as is The Guardian but getting there.

Surely in order to make a “racial slur”, you have be a) racist and b) intending to make a slur? And do these high priests of Political Correctness actually understand what “racism” really means.

Not in the world of Politically Correct thinking you don’t. In the left’s ecstacies of self loathing, the context in which words are spoken, and the intention and meaning behind them, are meaningless. Lefties (who are actually fascists but too cowardly to admit it) lack the imagination to handle context, their inflexible minds need rules (Orwellianization again) So to have a black comedian say the n-word for very obvious laughs is apparently the same thing as having a white racist shout the n-word in the face of a black man or woman. Das word ist verboten. In a free, liberal society you must never question authority.

And of course we must never ask who elected these moral fascists as arbiters of our mores and values.


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