Dave Surprised By Price Fixing? Yeah right.

News today that petrol prices to consumers have been driven up by price fixing deals cut between members of the Big Oil price fixing cartel only came as a surprise to one person.

While David (call me Twat) Cameron is away putting the world to rights and helping Barack Obama piss off Russia and China and start World War 3, a Downing Street official, speaking on the Prime Minister’s behalf said Mr. Cameron is surprised, shocked and very deeply concerned by the allegations that prices prices may have been driven up by oil companies rigging the market.

If you are anything like sane your first reaction will have been, “Shocked? By crooked corporation making price fixing deals, what planet does he live on>”

Boggart Blog can reveal however that Cammers along with parliamentary colleagues from all parties is not shocked that big corporations are capable of such malfeasance or that politicians are willing to turn a blind eye but that members of the public are savvy enough to see through the lies and propaganda and work out what has been going on.

Two views from mainstream media:
Cameron deeply concerned by petrol price fixing – Daily Telegraph

Shell and BP raided over price fixing allegations – The Independent


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