He Who Controls The Spice Controls The Universe

Just change the word spice into food and Frank Herbert’s words from the Dune science fiction novels seem frighteningly prophetic…


‘The German Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Ilse Aigner, said “I have come to the conclusion that there are legitimate grounds to accept that genetically modified corn from the MON810 strain constitutes a danger to the environment.”

MON810 is mostly cultivated in the EU for animal feed – and is now due for re-authorisation under EU rules after the expiry of its ten-year license. Besides Germany, five countries have already banned the planting of it: France, Greece, Austria, Hungary and most recently, Luxembourg.’

Meanwhile the United States of Obama land is passing laws that protect Monsanto from prosecution over damage to the environment or human health arising from the cultivation or consumption of their untested, scientifically adulterated seeds and the crops produced bt them.


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