First Among Dickheads?

Tim Yeo is a Tory MP and a dickhead. Now being an MP of any party does sort of identify anyone as a likely sufferer from dickheadism, it’s an occupational hazard for a politician but Yeo is a dickhead’s dickhead.A measure of how unpleasant yeo has been in pursuing a career of self interest can be found in the fact that to some colleagues he was known as Ebola

He has been an expenses trougher, a band wagon rider, a time server and a general arsehole throughout his parliamentary career. In recent years however Yeo has tride to advance his interests by hitching a ride on the CO2 driven global warming bandwagon.

And with the stubbornness of one who realises once the ride is over, at his age there is nowhere left to go, he has clung on there, bouncing up and down and yelling “yeah, whoopee, long after the wheels had fallen off that particular political vehicle.

Here’s what Yeo was saying in 2009 when some of us who understand how mathematical models work were warning, ‘It’s not science, it’s bullshit’.:

“The dying gasps of the deniers will be put to bed. In five years time, no one will argue about a man-made contribution to climate change.”

And here is what Yeo is saying now:

“Although I think the evidence that the climate is changing is now overwhelming, the causes are not absolutely clear. There could be natural causes, natural phases that are taking place.”

Which is what us sceptics were saying all along.

Global Warming scepticism
Global warming linked to cigarette smoking

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