When being a woman just isn’t enough

Boggart Blog readers have probably never heard of Michelle Bachman (But God has never heard of Belgium so it’s no big deal)

Ms Bachman is the rather fetching (to the eyes of us gentlemen of a certain age) but totally bonkers U S Congresswoman who about this time last year was aborting her big to be Republican candidate in the U S Presidential election.

Michelle Bachman

The most notable thing about her futile run for the presidency was the hate attacks she attracted from Obama supporters who claim to love women, gays and members of any minority you care to name except the one minority it is OK to hate, middle aged, solvent white, heterosexual males with no alcohol, drug or mental health issues and no potentially fatal / debilitating diseases.

Two Republican politicians have experienced genuine hatred from America’s left – led media in the last five years: Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. It’s no coincidence that they are ladies and probably no coincidence that they are both good looking.

They received a special scorn for being women who reject a narrow, liberal reading of feminism – as well as getting the rough end of the classic misogynist view that women aren’t terribly suited to running the country. Palin was cast as dumb, Bachmann as shrill.

Both were more intelligent than many of their critics and both have left public life with their fan base intact and Sarah Palin, while no Judi Dench is a far better speaker than Mr. Hopey Changey autocue man Barack Obama) for all his cliches and banalities. Even if her speeches contain no more common sense than his, they certainly contain less personal pronouns.

Bachmann was never going to be President, she was not only up against the sexism of the Republican old guard but the naked hatred of the so called progressive liberals who, in their ecstasies of self loathing seem to have forgotten that people are legally entitled to hold different opinions to those approved by The White House.

4 thoughts on “When being a woman just isn’t enough

  1. It’s all a fracking mess from self-righteous hypocritical liberals on one side to half demented gun toting diehards on the other. Put ’em all on a giant reservation with few resources and give the rest of America back to the indians.


    • The crazy American liberals annoy me most. At least the right wingers are upfront and honest about being intolerant bigots.

      With the Libs, they scream and shout about diversity and equality and womens rights but launch insane hate attacks on women, blacks and gays who don’t worship the left’s sacred cows. When I see people screaming that the lady above and Sarah Palin are ugly and physically repulsive and then telling me it is my ‘duty’ to hate them, I’m just gobsmacked.

      If I wouldn’t kick a woman out of bed for farting it’s even less likely I’d do so because she had diferent views to me on abortion, immigration or Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.


  2. Well done on acknowledging women in the world!
    I’m not sure if Palin is attacked for being a woman or rather for being a total extreme nutter. Is it her sex or her views that really discount her as a sensible option for a world leader?
    Bachmann, I know not 🙂 Are you hoping that if she came to power she would reinstate the middle age, solvent, heterosexual white males with no alcohol, drug or health problems in power? Wouldn’t she rather prefer to keep it to herself? 😉


    • In the end, male of female, they all want to keep it to themselves like Gollum and The Ring or this audio post recorded by moi :D.
      As for Sarah Palin, she’s no nuttier than Captain Underpants and neither was as nutty as President “Lets do another line and then start WW3” Obama who is now attacking lines of coke free speech and press freedom, passing bills like The Monsanto Protection Act that gives the world’s nastiest, most ruthless corporation immunity from prosecution, and agreeing to sign treaties that the US Congress has rejected (an impeachable offence for any other US President).
      No, I’ve seen enough attacks on Palin that begin along the lines of “That evil, crazy, right wing bitch and enough hate attacks on anyone who goes off the politically correct message on anything to know when it comes to authoritarian craziness America’s liberals make Hitler’s most fanatical followers look like a bunch of Quakers.
      When it comes to winding up supporters of the neo – nazi Obama regime and defending his enemies, it’s a duty but also a pleasure. And any kind word uttered about Sarah Palin really winds them up – perhaps because unfitted as she is to leadership she would be a better President than the New World Order’s houseboy. :>


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