Game, Set And Match To The Conspiracy Theorists

We told you so but you sneered and called us Conspiracy Theorists. We warned you the government is not your friend, the bigger the government gets, the bigger and more dangerous your enemy become.

Well you “progressives” do you realise now how naive you were to scream “tax the rich” as if taxing the rich while singing Kumbaya to the poor would solve anything. We warned you ‘The Rich’, seriously rich, the Rothschilds, Rkefellers, House of Orange Nassau, the Bettancourts, the people who were at the Bilbderberg meeting last week whose names you don’t know, they own the politicians you voted for because those politicians used playground words like fair and equality. You think these people will ever vote to tax themselves.

Would any of those silly, naive, fascist – dupes who said “Oh you’re paranoid, there’s no harm in the government collecting a bit of data about you,” now like to tell me what tools like Boundless Informant have to with freedom and democracy.

And those politicians, Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron (caring Consrvatism, HA! Simpering sycophancy more like,) Blair, Clinton, did as they were bidden. And thus the rich wrote the tax laws. How naive are those who believed the world would ever be fair?

And when we told you the control freak elites were spying on you, you sneered again and cheered when Bliars, Baldie-men and Jug-eared steaks of piss said “If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear.”

How naive. If you have done nothing wrong you have everything to fear. In the total surveillance society if what you do is not wrong, it will be soon, and when it is they will have the dirt on you. (THEM)

Hear what the PRISM whistleblower has to say about the US government’s enthusiasm for total surveillance.

Edward Snowden speaks (via The Guardian)


Left behind when the Bilderberg Group checked out

2 thoughts on “Game, Set And Match To The Conspiracy Theorists

    • Hi Sharon,
      Yes, we suspected. Sadly our news media let us down by not holding these people to account, by investigating z list celebrities love lives rather that serious allegations that obviously had some substance.

      And our elected representatives let us down, their loyalty has been to the party rather than the constituency that elected them.

      but people are waking up at last.


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