Stop Being A Doormat Dave

David Cameron is a doormat. He let’s Barack Obama walk all over him every time they meet. Dave is not the fist British Prime Minister to be an American President’s doormat. Blair filled that role for George Dubya Bush and John Major for Bill Clinton. .

Dave is desperate to help Obama escalate the war in Syria just as John Major lay supine when Slick Willie dragged us into his Balkans adventure and Tony Blair did when Dubya invaded Afganistan and Iraq. In all cases British lives were lost in a quarrel that was nothing to do with us.

We’re not sure about the relationship between Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Ray Gun but we’re reasonably confident whips and canes were involved and that Maggie was not on the receiving end of them.

At last those heroes, the Health and Safety Department have come to our rescue. Doormats are a safety risk they say:

“Residents in the high-rise apartments were warned by the council to remove their doormats as they are a potential fire hazard.

Tenants at Brecon Court, in Gipton, Yorkshire, said the decision was “downright ridiculous”.

Resident Michael Dean said 90 per cent of the tenants are pensioners who like to have doormats outside their properties.

He said: “Residents are very house proud and always like to have a doormat. This is health and safety gone mad.They have said that the doormats were a health and safety risk.”

Too bloody right they are, especially if you live in a country that has one as a Prime Minister.

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