The Love That Can’t Fhut The Suck Up

Edyta at Bubblews posted this today.

In May of 2013 Sun News was contacted by a concerned parent about the poster a Toronto teacher put up on the board in his/her child’s school classroom. It had a big headline with a question, “Do You Like To (F-word)?” Followed by a graphic photo of two man engaged in the homosexual act and a “tutorial” on how to do a “good blow job.”

What is most disturbing about this story is that this poster hanged in that classroom for 7 months without any protest from the parents nor reprimand from the principal of the school teaching kids as young as 14. Whatever happened to the education in Ontario, Canada?

Do you as a parent want your 14 year olds to be taught how to do “Good blow jobs” at school? Is this the sexual education the liberal Ontario government legislated after last provincial elections? Is this the “education” we are paying for with our taxes?

What is even worse is that even after confronted both the principal of the school and the representative of the Toronto District School Board did not discipline the teacher in question properly and explained that he had “good intentions, but went about it a wrong way.”

What possible “good intentions” can a person exposing his students to such material have? My answer is none. This teacher should not be teaching again after this nor allowed anywhere near young people.

WTF is going on with these people?

Homosexuality used to be the love that dare not speak it’s name, now it is the love that can’t shut the fuck up.

And I for one an getting earache.

I’m very tolerant having always believed everyone’s private life is their own business (how do we know the boss is not wearing his wife’s knickers under his business suit and why should we care?) but when people who are not family or friends want to make their private (sex) life my business I am never going to react positively.

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