Blowin’ In The Wind

After a dismal few days performancewise here, withing forever for things to hapen etc. I’m low on enthusiasm. So to provide today’s smile I raided my friend reality-speaks at bubblws whose latest post was titled My Most Embarrassing moment:

It was evening, February 25th 2009, my friend’s Grandma’s funeral service in Church. My friends Grandma was a kind and loving lady. Everybody knew her. She used to make us friends apple tarts often, she specialized in sweet treats. A large crowd had turned up in Church. The coffin was kept near the altar for everybody to pay their last respects. Our Church is dome shaped and has excellent natural acoustics. One person-at-a time, everybody went towards the coffin with flowers or cards with personal messages. I was carrying tulips, Granny loved them.

As I reached the coffin I leaned forward bending to place the flowers at the feet of Grandma who lay dead with a smile on her face. And then it happened, as I stretched bending forward to place the tulips, I let out a loud fart.

It kind of escaped without warning. I could hear the echoes of my own fart in the silence that was broken; shocked, I couldn’t think of places to hide, I pictured myself in the coffin as I looked at Grandma. The brave heart that I am, I turned around to go back to my seat which was in the second last row.

As I walked I noticed my fart had caused a flutter, the shocked expressions said it all. Youngsters had smiles on their face while the elders frowned. I quietly took my seat. Alfred, my friend who was seated beside me was placing his face between his legs to conceal his bouts of laughter. He said “Dude! You Rock! Did Grandma wake up! The next day we friends got together and had a hearty laugh.

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